Kamal Hassan Latest 100 crores project

 Kamal Hassan Latest 100 crores project on big boss viral, as we all know that living legendary actor Kamal Hassan is made up for creativity and viral news not only in Tamilnadu but also international wide, here comes the latest spell bound news stating that he was notified by a person due to spelling a word that hurted public feelings, as Kamal Hassan is the host of Tamilnadu big boss show, he spelled a word cheri in Tamil which means “person from slum” and this word made Putiya Tamilgam President Krishna Swamy file a case against Kamal Hassan for 100 crores under insulting his feelings.

This made Kamal Hassan react in a manner as he used to be and he stated clearly that he too had made his mark by entering into 100 crores club with this viral complaint filed against him, so he replied that the person might be having huge crush on popularity and money, and so he is making out his trials by filing cases on celebrities, and this will not make him pay this amount and Kamal also said that he is a free soul to live with freedom and lead a life with his own interest and die in his own interest and nothing can change around in his life with these silly acts.

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