Game of Thrones Latest Leak Episode

Game of Thrones latest leak episode is making the world wide sensation. As we all know that in the year of 2014 SONY TV suffered from hacking, and this is repeated again in the case of HBO channel, as some of the hackers had made their plan and executed it by grabbing out around 1.5 Tera bits of huge data from HBO servers and they warned HBO regarding their demands, and so they leaked out some of the episodes into the internet.

As we all know that these hackers were very smart and cunning, so this case was handed out to FBI and the investigation is going on to find out them, but HBO channel had not revealed out what exactly was going on and so it just made an announcement that some of the data had been gone into insecurity and this made every spell-bound. But the whole world is looking out on the internet for the leaked video episodes of game of thrones. Latest leak of the game of thrones had made more viral across all the countries and this was the 7th season series running, and so people were much into these leaks and browsing for the latest leak of the game of thrones.

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