Sakti, a voluntary group, sheds light on tribal tradition and culture

Sources from Vishakapatnam have stated that the rich tribal history extensively chronicled by eminent scholars and several places of historic importance are little known to the present generation. Nandapuram, now in Koraput, was once the capital of the ancestors of erstwhile Jeypore Raja Vikram Deo Varma, with their reign stretching up to Rekapalli in East Godavari.

P. Sivaramakrishna, Director of Search for Action and Knowledge of Tribal Initiative (Sakti) told "The focus is generally being confined to ethnography and the Fifth Schedule on tribal rights but the rich history dating back to medieval times that has significant tourist interest is not known to many".

He had also pointed out that when recognizing the difference "rajyas" (kingdoms) and "ganarajyas" of Girijans with the former relating to treasury and rule of law and the latter to barter and customary resolution of conflict and distinctive marital traditions, Scheduled Area was formed in the region by the British in the 19th century, after the Ganjam-Gumsur rebellion.

The Jeypore Raja Vikram Deo Varma himself was a poet and philanthropist and donated liberally to Andhra University and the university college of science is named after him. Hawa Mahal was his palace.


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