17.5 acres handed over to Jindal Urban Waste Management

Sources from Visakhapatnam have stated that with the handing over of land to a private company, work on the waste to energy power plant is set to take off at the Kapuluppada dump yard on the outskirts of the city. The Municipal Commissioner M. Hari Narayan said that "The lease agreement has been signed recently and about 17.5 acres of land is handed over to Jindal Urban Waste Management and it has started construction work".
The company has to complete the waste to energy plant incinerating municipal waste after segregating the non-combustibles to generate 17 MW of power. It will construct site office and compound wall first and another 2.5 acres is yet to be handed over to the company.
GVMC will provide solid waste after door to door collection from about 4.5 lakh households. About 30 to 40 % of household waste being collected is separated as wet and dry now. It will gradually be scaled up to cover all the wards to ensure the supply to the plant, say sources. The solid waste generated daily is estimated at 1000 tonnes.

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