Exclusive Fish Food Zone to come up in Visakhapatnam

Fish Food Zone is about to be set up in the city. The project has been planned a long time back and is coming into activity now. Fisheries department has already released 2.74 crore rupees to Vuda for the construction.

The AP fisheries department with the help of Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (Vuda) will build a G+4 building on a 900 square yard area at the existing fishing market adjacent to Dwarakanagar RTC Complex.
The Fish Food Zone will have 62 shops trading only dry fish, fresh water fish and marine fish as well as a restaurant serving fish delicacies. Freezers will also be provided to the traders.

The total project cost is 4.74 crore rupees out of which 2.74 crore rupees have been allotted by the fisheries department to vuda. The remaining funds will be provided under the special development packages for AP and National Fisheries Development Board.

Vuda is waiting for the project blueprint and once the design is confirmed, construction work's will be started by calling for tenders. But the department is planning to do the construction work in the shape of a fish and make it a landmark in Dwarakanagar.

Fishermen will be allotted each shop in the building which will be constructed, but the fisherman will have to adhere to guidelines put down by the concerned authorities in accordance to the standards set by Exports Promotion Council of India.

But the construction of the Food Zone adjacent to the RTC complex would raise concern over the already heavy traffic in the area, and with the fisherman selling fish at the allotted spot would emit odour that is not so pleasing.
Constructing a special Fish Food Zone is a visible growth but the place it is being constructed is not that correct spot opined public.

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