Proposal for a Naturopathy hospital at Simhachalam

The endowment department is planning to construct a Naturopathy hospital at Simhachalam Devasthanam.

The treasure trove in and around the simhachalam hill which has such strong roots in ancient medicinal systems and traditions has raised the proposal for the Naturopathy hospital.

The proposal is being taken up on a serious note and it needs the involvement of the temple trustees as well as the Endowments Board.

The Eastern Ghats Mobile belt is a range of hills along the coast of Visakhapatnam city. These are formed by a tectonic arrangement with Khondalite suite and Quartz Archean rocks along the Eastern Ghats.
The Simhachalam hill range lies along this belt towards the North of the city. A variety of endemic flora and fauna lies on this range of hills.

And if the species are put to use, there would be a lot of scope for developments and inventions of medicines naturally. If the Naturopathy hospital is put up for action the value of the plant and herbs on the hills would be determined and could be beneficial to the mankind.

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