2.1 million passengers boarded flights in Visakhapatnam during 2016

Thanks to the emerging airlines and the offers that they are presenting. The footfalls in the airport has been increased drastically.

Traveling in aeroplane used to be a luxury only to the people of high economic standards. But now the phenomenon has been changed, traveling in an aeroplane has become a common thing even to a middle class person.
Airfares have become so less as that of rail-fares, so it has become an easier option for everyone.

Visakhapatnam Airport have witnessed and increase of around 42% growth rate in the last year. The airport has handled 2.1 million passengers including domestic and international during the 2016 calendar year.
Domestic air traffic in 2016 was around 20 lakh as against 14 lakh in 2015, international air passengers at Vizag dropped from 1.1 lakh in 2015 to around 1 lakh in 2016.

The dropped rate of international passenger traffic is due to the pull out of Malindo Air, which was operating flights between Vizag and Kuala Lumpur, in February 2016.

Vizag Airport handled around 50 flights on an average each day in 2016 as compared to around 40 flights on an average in 2015.
This clearly indicates that there is a visible growth in the standards of the city.

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