Forest Department setting up fences on highway

The recent incidents of wild animals straying into the human habitations have made the forest department to work on setting up fences on the highway to stop the animals from coming.

Forest department is setting up fences from Kambaalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary to the ACA-VDCA cricket stadium in PM Palem. Work is also going on in the Seethakonda area in view of frequent instances. Fencing is also being extended towards Visalakshinagar Zoo area. The earlier fencing was damaged during Hudhud cyclone which is being renovated now.
Animals like deer, wild boar, sambars, civets and jungle cats are often spotted out of the sanctuaries and have the risk of being run over. Even though, road kills have not been recorded, but the risk is present and at times some of the wild species get chased or attacked by stray dogs.

Divisional forest officer (DFO) Alan Chong Teron said: "To prevent the animals from escaping, we have repaired the fences and laid new ones for around one-and-a-half kilometres from Animal Rescue Centre up to the nursery near PM Palem cricket stadium. There are proposals for some more including along the Seethakonda reserve forest, for about two kilometres."
Meanwhile, the forest department is awaiting World Bank funds. They have selected six companies for technical and financial bids of which one will prepare the detailed project report, based on which renovation works can be carried on in Kambalakonda and other reserve forests, the DFO said.

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