4.0 Need to be adopted by the country says experts

Experts talk the need of adopting 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution by the country to increase the GDP. Focus on Green technologies is also need to be increased, opined experts here at the Andhra Pradesh investment summit here today. Government is planning to increase the present 17 percent GDP to 25 percent, with a view to creating millions of jobs and pushing the country’s economic growth.

Industry 4.0 refers to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Industry has to adopt smart manufacturing. The power of Industry 4.0 can be unleashed terrifically in many sectors. But also there is a need to look at other areas which need special focus include, good quality products, alignment of jobs, skilling, perfect supply chain, innovation.
‘Industry 4.0’ or  Technologies such as big data and analytics, autonomous robots Internet of things, cyber security and augmented reality are transforming the manufacturing landscape.

This can be the fulcrum that catapults Indian manufacturing and thus make India a truly global hub. This transition will require significant economic and social transformation and political and institutional framework.

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